Renovation: A New Lesson for the Potential Home Buyer

After five long years of economic strife, the US economy is slowly recovering with the real estate market acting as the back bone. Real estate properties are available in surplus and combined with low interest rates offered by mortgage companies, this is exactly the injection the US economy needed to fuel the markets. Within the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the 2012 real estate boom began with investors purchasing great rental properties. Now, 2013 is shaping up to be the perfect time for NJ residents alike to invest in a property. Real estate values and transactions are up, while mortgage rates are still at an all-time low. And for first time home buyers, beneficial programs are still available to help ease the burden of a down payment. Properties closed today will have a promising future to increase in value over the next few years.

Now, that you’ve decided to purchase a property, it’s important to STOP limiting your focus. It is said that the first impression buyers have of the kitchen has prime significance on whether he will consider purchasing the home. Potential buyers immediately get turned off by a previous homeowner’s décor and cannot look past his choices. It can’t be stressed enough, recognize the potential in a home by focusing on the layout or structure and remember that you will be working with a blank canvas once all the furnishings have been moved out of the home. As a resolution, you should take lots of pictures and bring them into a design center, such as one that World Class Kitchen in Matawan, NJ has to offer. World Class’s team of designers can help to customize a kitchen design into what you envision for the home. With their advanced, computerized design programs, you can see what the final project will look like from various perspectives. This can help you, as a potential buyer, overcome the hardest challenge of visualizing what a home can really look like with your own personal touches.

Joe Vitale, owner of World Class Kitchens adds that “After property sale closings, 90 percent of homes opt for a new kitchen.” Heed the words of a professional and don’t overlook a potential great investment because the kitchen needs a complete renovation. Chances are, even if you did get a good impression when first visiting the kitchen, you would still make changes that would be functional for your family. Come visit the World Class Kitchens Design center with your pictures and ideas. Together, we can help customize the perfect kitchen for you while enhancing your investment.